What's New

1. Check & Adjust

Check & Adjust is a fully automated field procedure that allows to:

§  Check the current angular accuracy of the instrument

§  Adjust the angular parameters to improve the angular accuracy of the instrument

Check & Adjust can be accessed in the Settings screen by pressing the Start button (see Figure 1). It does not require any targets but runs a double scan (see Figure 2).

After the double scan is completed the system automatically checks if the scan environment is sufficient for a calculation. If the environment classification is fulfilled the current angular accuracy (Check) and the adjusted angular accuracy (Adjustment) of the instrument are automatically calculated (see Figure 3). 

A Check & Adjust Report is automatically created as a PDF file on the attached USB stick. The Check & Adjust Report contains:

§  Job and Setup name

§  Scanner type

§  Scanner serial number

§  Scanner firmware version

§  Current Check & Adjust date

§  Previous Check & Adjust date

§  Preview of the Check & Adjust double scan

§  Visualisation of distribution of points used in the Check & Adjust procedure

§  Quality table with horizontal and vertical 

§  Angular accuracy (Check)

§  Adjusted accuracy

§  Result statement 

§  if parameters have been applied or not

§  if parameters are within the specifications or not

For more details about the Check&Adjust procedure refer to the Check & Adjust User Manual which can be downloaded from myWorld @ Leica Geosystems: https://myworld.leica-geosystems.com

2. Format USB stick

The attached USB stick can be formatted so that huge jobs or multiple jobs on the USB stick can be removed quickly (see Figure 4). The user must confirm the format command in order to avoid data deletion by mistake (see Figure 5). The formatting process cannot be undone and all data on the USB stick is irrevocably lost.

3. Improved resolution for colour layer in Cyclone FIELD 360

For low resolution coloured scans (12mm scan & image) the resolution of the image layer in Cyclone FIELD 360 has been improved (see Figure 6 and Figure 7). The resolution of the intensity layer in Cyclone FIELD 360 did not change.

4. Tilt and altitude sanity check

The tilt and altitude information provided by the VIS system is compared with data provided by the tilt sensor and barometer. In case of considerable differences a warning is displayed at the end of a scan. This can be helpful when some of the VIS cameras were covered or when scanning in a dark environment.

5. Improved tilt change detection

For a better tilt change detection the tilt threshold has been reduced to 0.03m/s2 which equals 0.17°.

6. Performance increase for Cyclone FIELD 360 synchronisation with large jobs

In Cyclone FIELD 360 the synchronisation time between tablet and scanner slowed down when jobs contained a high number of scans. This has been improved. This improvement requires the new version v2.3 of Cyclone FIELD 360.

7. Linux API

An application programming interface (API) for Linux operating system is now available for Leica Geosystems software partners. The API can be ordered via article number 916074 and provides direct access to the instrument for scan control as well as data import into third party software. Please contact your local Leica Geosystems sales representative for more details.

Fixed Bugs

1.     Offset between face 1 and face 2

Some users reported a vertical mismatch in the overlap area of some scans. This has been fixed.

2.     Pin Code protection: Leading 0 in Pin code 

There was a problem with Pin codes starting with a 0, e.g. 012345. This has been solved.

Firmware Installation

§  The new firmware v3.0 can be installed on any Leica RTC360 or RTC360 LT scanner, independent of any previous firmware version.

§  Compatibility with Cyclone and Cyclone REGISTER 360

§  Cyclone v9.4 or higher is required to import FW v3.0 data

§  Cyclone REGISTER 360 v1.6 or higher is required to import FW v3.0 data

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